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Have you ever wondered why some people are better than others at some things or why some people don't share your fears or phobias? Why are you different? Well, we are all different. This is because everybody has experienced a different life and deals with it the way their subconscious has been programmed to. Hypnosis assists in reprogramming our 'mind maps' to help provide the skills we believe we lack or remove negative responses such as phobias.

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When we are born we use all of our natural senses to absorb our environments and the world around us. As we are doing this we are building memories, feelings and experiences (both good and bad) in general  We refer to this as building our "mind map". We are simply building a program within our mind throughout our years, and filling it with knowledge. Amongst this knowledge are thoughts and feelings based on previous experiences, that are designed to protect and benefit us. Unfortunately not all of our experiences benefit us in a long lasting positive manner.

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