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Stress and Anxiety

What Causes Anxiety Attacks?


The simple answer is: Fear. Or, to be more exact: the fear of fear, or the fear of losing control, of being overwhelmed by circumstances or by life itself. Anxiety itself comes after fear, but unlike fear, it lasts long after any rational cause is gone. Often, of course, the fear is unfounded and your mind is working against you, leading you into eventualities that exist mainly in your imagination, telling you that something bad is going to happen. In fact, all anxiety is based on two little words: 'What if?'


Symptoms of Anxiety


People often experience a range of different physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms when they feel anxious or stressed. One of the most common behavioural symptoms is avoidance, where we stop doing those things which could trigger our anxiety. and often for many people after avoiding a situation the fear has increased. With continued avoidance some people start to find similar situations which previously weren't an issue are now becoming more anxiety provoking.


This circle of anxiety can be broken using Clinical Hypnosis to retrain your mind to no longer respond in this same way. Hypnosis also teaches you how to relax and stay calm in all previously anxiety provoking situations.