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Some of our popular Hypnotherapy Treatments










Specialist help for all types of addiction, smoking, gambling, alcohol and substance abuse. When your habit dominates your life, I will help you take back control.

Fears and phobias are ‘learned’ behaviours. Our therapist will help you to unlearn negative responses and feel comfortable in any situation without the need for lengthy exposure therapy.

Are you stressed or suffering with social anxiety and/or panic attacks or compulsive behaviours. We can remove the beliefs causing these  issues and install feelings of calm and serenity.

If a lack of confidence or low self-esteem is holding you back, you can be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can become empowered  and learn to really love yourself.

You do not need to believe that you have lived a past life to benefit from this experience You are certain to enjoy the session and to find it very relaxing. Why not Invite some friends and book a PLR Party!

Fully immerse yourself in a restful, peaceful and more nourishing sleep without the need for aids or medications

Theres an 'inner slimmer' in all of us. get in touch with your inner slimmer and feel great when you become the master of your own body. Become a healthier and happier you.

Don't let pain hold you back any longer. We can assist with pain management and help you to live a happier less painful life.


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Past Life Regression

Just keep an open mind, there is nothing to fear or to lose


Past life regression is a technique in hypnotherapy which will take you back through time to your previous lives by accessing hidden memories in the subconscious mind.


The process is like a daydream, and whilst in this dream state you may able to release any past life memories from your subconscious mind. Past life regression is often used in therapy to help resolve emotional or physical problems in our present day lives.


Past life regression takes you on a fantastic journey deep into your subconscious mind. What's interesting about Past Life Regression is that when you go into a past life, you could be any, age, colour, creed, and any gender, You could have lived any where in the world ,and even have  spoken different languages’


Past life regression often results in healing at all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.


Past life Regression is a state of relaxed concentration and this  is entirely normal, there is no danger, you can return to full awaking consciousness whenever you choose. It is important to keep the following things in mind:


• You will never get stuck in the hypnotic state


• You are always in control, you can end the process at any time.


• You can never do anything against your will or values.


• You will always be in aware of what is happening and being said.


• You will remember everything , when you came back to the present time.

Reasons for Past Life Regressions


This could be pure curiosity, others may require therapy techniques to uncover the origins of psychological issues, which have been brought forward to a present life.


Some people are interested in discovering lives that they have shared with people that they have a close bond with in their present life. Some people are drawn to certain places/ countries, that they immediately feel comfortable and familiar with  for no apparent reason. Past life regression can provide you with considerable relief and benefit in the present time. Sometimes just through the act of remembering, symptoms can be removed. Memories can lead to understanding, and understanding can lead to healing.

You may book a Past Life Regression Party for 2-4 people...

or you may participate in a one on one therapy