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We all need sleep. The body demands it and so does the mind! Yet the more a person with insomnia tries to sleep, the harder the battle becomes. Not getting enough sleep can affect all age groups and is more common in adult women than adult men. The condition can lead to poor performance at work or school, obesity, depression, anxiety, poor immune system function, reduced reaction time, and an increased risk and severity of long-term disease.


This is where HYPNOTHERAPY comes to help; the mind has been programmed to stay awake and despite changed circumstances when it should let go you find that you can no longer change it habit of keeping you awake!! In HYPNOTHERAPY we access the unconscious mind where all the programming happens and we help you change the past programming and set newer, more constructive ways of behaving and more importantly we program the mind TO SLEEP PROPERLY FOR PROPER HOURS OF THE NIGHT!!!






How does Hypnotherapy work on the mind? THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND DOES NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A REAL AND AN IMAGINED EVENT. This is why hypnosis works so well. Hypnosis changes the way the subconscious mind works. It creates the belief that something is possible, acts on it as if it is real, and creates a new outcome. In this case, sleep.




There are options to help you get a better night's sleep

without sleep medications.