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What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage, also known as Champissage, is a form relaxation massage that focuses on the face, head, neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms which are important energy centers within the body. It is very relaxing and has a balancing effect on the recipient as it helps them to release stress and tension creating a sense of peace and wellbeing. The massage can be done over clothing and in a seated postion, and can be done anywhere, at anytime, making it easily available just about anywhere

What to Expect from an Indian Head Massage

A massage is usually between 25-45 minutes and may or may not use certain oils in the hair and body. Starting at the upper back, the Indian Head masseuse begins by applying pressure to points that dissolve the knots and relax the muscles. Then move on to the shoulders and upper arms to release other common areas of tension, and to the neck and head to release headache-causing blockages and encourage better circulation of the cerebral fluid. The massage then progresses to the scalp, relaxing the entire head encouraging circulation and stimulating hair growth. Lastly the masseuse may choose to perform a gentle face massage that may relieve symptoms of sinusitis & headaches and encourages good circulation

Indian Head Massage may prove beneficial by:

  • General Relaxation.

  • Improved blood circulation increasing oxygen supply to the brain..

  • Calms,revitalizes and uplifts the spirit

  • Relaxes taut and uncomfortable muscles,eases stiffness,breaks down knots and nodules in muscle tissues

  • Stimulates blood circulation and drains away accumulated toxins

  • Increased joint mobility

  • Improved lymphatic drainage which helps in the removal of waste products and toxins helping the immune system

  • Promotion of hair growth

  • Helps with mental tiredness, stress, depression resulting in greater alertness, concentration and clearer thinking

  • Encourages deeper breathing and deep relaxation; triggers the release of "feel good" chemicals called endorphins