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Fears And Phobias

Difference Between Fears & Phobias?


Fear exists for a reason and can be a very useful survival mechanism. After all, it's fear that lets you know that you need to take care of yourself and the people in your life. It's like a voice saying: 'You need to take action', and as such, it is rational.


Phobias, on the other hand, are very different. They are irrational in nature, being out of all proportion to the object or situation which elicits the fear. People can be phobic towards almost anything, from spiders to stickers, velvet to vacuum clearers. Like chronic pain, phobias really serve no useful purpose.



How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Phobias and Fear.  


Hypnotherapy is exceptionally useful in helping us re-evaluate past events, and change our emotional reactions to them, hypnotherapy has been shown to be very effective at helping people overcome  fears and phobias.

fears and phobias