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You CAN Overcome Addiction


When most people think of addiction, they think of substance addiction—drugs and alcohol usually springing first to mind. alcohol,cocaine, prescription pain killers and foods such as chocolate are examples of substances that many people become addicted to. But addiction can also come in other, different guises that don't really involve substances at all.


Examples of this include gambling, sex,  shopping, work, and gaming. All these have the power to disrupt, cause havoc, and eventually ruin a person's life. But regardless of the particular substance, activity or behaviour involved, all addictions share one similarity: The addict has lost the ability to choose—choice has given way to dependence.



The problem is, of course, that the addictive substance or behaviour offers only temporary relief—a brief distraction, a short respite—and what starts off as a release, an apparent friend, fast becomes a vicious enemy. And now the person finds him or herself locked into the terrible cycle of addiction as it continues on in its awful, inexorable downward spiral


Hypnotherapy can help. it can only do this when the addicted person is prepared to fully admit that he or she has a problem, is prepared to stop making excuses and accept the responsibility to really do something about it. The simple truth is that in order for you to end your addiction you will need to work at it.